budu.com social network launches crowdmentoring & rewarded posts

Budu Leverages Revolutionary Feeless Payments App Code Wallet to Incentivize Knowledge Sharing

budu.com, the cutting-edge edtech and blockchain startup, today announced the integration of Code Wallet – the pioneering feeless payment platform – to incentivize and facilitate decentralized mentoring, online community engagement, social networking and crowdfunding for good causes.

The Code Wallet functions as a digital wallet powered by groundbreaking blockchain technology Solana on the budu platform, users earn Code Coin crypto rewards for their value-added contributions, which are send via the permissionless Code Wallet App with zero fees.

“We’re harnessing the power of the Code Wallet’s decentralized payment capabilities to revolutionize how people get rewarded for sharing knowledge and creating value online,” said James Steele, Founder and CEO of budu. “This aligns economic incentives in a whole new way.”

Key use cases for budu’s integration of the Code Wallet include:

Crowdmentoring: Global peer mentors earn using Code Wallet based on their explanations, and learning guidance quality as rated by learners.

Online Clubs & Communities: Members get rewarded for insightful posts, reviews, moderation and more – fostering vibrant, self-sustaining knowledge networks.

Social Good Crowdfunding: Promote worthy causes seamlessly across social platforms and earn coins for driving engagement and funding.

Business Networking: Professionals earn rewards for advice, referrals, collaborations and other value-added activities.

“This is the first true implementation of permissionless, decentralized payments incentivizing real value creation across communities on a global scale,” said James, founder and CEO of budu.com

About budu

budu.com is an edtech innovator pioneering web applications to revolutionize how knowledge is shared, communities are built, and value is exchanged on a global scale. Powered by the decentralized and open source architecture of Code Wallet, budu fosters vibrant peer learning, networking, and social good initiatives.

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